Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ontario - The Next Leader in Global Ginseng?

"Canadian ginseng has long been recognized in Asia for its healing properties and superior quality. Long before the arrival of European settlers, Aboriginals originally used Canadian ginseng for its healing properties and appreciated it for its cooling effect that helped to relieve stress, calm the body and strengthen internal organs. Research studies are being conducted for Canadian ginseng in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, prevention of respiratory infections, and improvement of memory, as well as leading edge work on breast and prostate cancer." - Government of Canada Helps Ontario Ginseng Growers Association Boosting Competitiveness in Global Ma

Wild Canadian Ginseng and cultivated Canadian Ginseng could provide great competition for Korean brands in coming years. I'm not an expert so I have no idea how the quality stacks up, but no matter: it is good to see Ontario stepping up and moving outside their traditionally conservative mindset on trade to help promote this emerging international industry. -LWB

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